Swift and concise advice on the forfeiture of either residential or commercial premises

If a leaseholder is in breach of the terms of their lease, we can pursue forfeiture action on your behalf for both criteria debt and non-debt breaches on either residential or commercial premises.
Given the extra protection afforded to residential leaseholders under the law, it is essential that legal advice takes account of the additional requirements in any residential forfeiture proceedings.
As experts in residential long-leasehold property, JB Leitch can provide swift and concise advice on forfeiture claims, defended forfeiture cases, relief from forfeiture, and, for non-debt breaches, the appropriate remedy required from the leaseholder to avert forfeiture.  In addition we can also act on your behalf in respect of commercial lease forfeiture.
From the issue of the forfeiture claim through actual forfeiture of the lease then on to the grant of a new lease, we are fully conversant with the complexities, commercial implications and most recent Court decisions that can impact on this technical and intensely scrutinised area of law.
What is forfeiture and how does it work?

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