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A Smart Way of Doing Business

JB Leitch Real Estate Introduce Remote ID Verification for Businesses…

Further to the successful introduction of online identity verification for individuals making property transfers, JB Leitch Real Estate has now extended the service to provide valuable support to property businesses, such as conveyancers, by completing ID5 forms to verify companies.

Land Registry ID5 forms are used in conjunction with ID2 forms to verify the proof of identity of Corporate Bodies, usually where the corporate body is involved in a Land Registry related property transaction. The process provides the proof of identity of the individual representing the corporate entity and also their legal authority to lawfully represent the corporate entity.

Head of Real Estate Rob Denman explains further: “the process largely mirrors the process established for ID1 verification for individuals, involving part completion of the ID2 & ID5 forms developed for business representatives such as Directors or Company Secretaries. We undertake full diligence checks prior to the call and the documents are completed by our team during the scheduled verification session”.

The ability to undertake this process online has already proven to be practical, safe and convenient during the coronavirus crisis, and for businesses handling increasing - and urgent - volumes of property transactions, this service offers a cost effective and timely solution.

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A Smart Way of Doing Business

Service That Is On Time…& Online

Service That Is On Time…& Online

JB Leitch Introduce an Innovative Online Service for ID Verification

With the disruption and delay brought to our lives by Covid-19, many of us have turned to online solutions to safely enable us to continue working, shopping and taking care of every day personal or financial matters.

The JB Leitch Real Estate team have developed a new digital service that not only removes the need for face to face engagement, but provides greater convenience to customers.

Following changes to legislation in response to coronavirus, our online verification service allows those seeking to make applications to the Land Registry, to be able to book and conduct a video call with our solicitors to provide confirmation of identity with the completion and secure return of the required forms in a simple and effective end to end service.

JB Leitch’s Head of Real Estate, Rob Denman comments: “The new service not only provides an opportunity to progress matters securely and safely, but also removes the inconvenience, cost and delays of needing to book physical appointments. As we all grow evermore dependent on digital services, our approach will hopefully provide a solution that allows customers to progress applications expediently”.

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